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Remote Control Computers with TeamViewer

trickzzi.blogspot.comTeamViewer is remote Control Software. it is type of Application Software.Its allows you Connect another Computer or Mobile Devices with the permission of another user.It is not a Hacking Software or you think that with using this software you can hack another this case your are on wong way.After installing this software on both sides computer.Teamviewer will give you a ID and Password of your Computer.Send this ID and Password to another Computer from where you want to connect your computer.Now put these details in other computer and connect easily with your own Computer you can do this form anywhere from the world by connecting Internet.You can also easily Transfer data from on to another computer with using TeamViewer.It has also many features.
So In this lesson we will train you "How to you can easily use TeamViewer Software and Remote Control other Computers"Let's Start

Steps for Remote Control Other Computers!

Step 1: Go to Official Site of "TeamViewer" and Download it.
Step 2: Install it in your Computer and also install it in to your Friend PC (the PC you want to Remote Control)
Step 3: After it open this Software from both sided Computers.
Step 4: Ask your Friend to tell your his Computer ID and Password and Put this ID in Partner ID section(In TeamViewer)

Step 5: Check on "Remote Control"  and Press "Connect to Partner" Button.
As shown in below Picture:

Step 6: Now Simply enter your friend teamViewer Password.
  •  After this new black Screen open toward to you After few seconds your friend PC desktop screen display on your computer.
  • You can do everything with your friend computer even that you can delete Documents play songs install software,Solving your friend computer problems,etc

How to Use File transfer Option!

Step 1: After putting Partner ID Check mark on "File Transfer"
Step 2: Click on "Connect to Partner" again enter your password.

Step 3: In TeamViewer File transfer Windows both of your computer drives and files are here
Step 4: Select your required file and Click on transfer file.

  • Teamviewer ID and Password is not Constant for a Computer.Password and ID of TeamViewer is changes on every Computer robot and restarting of  teamviewer software.
Now connect your friend computer easily from anywhere in your world with connecting internet and team Viewer software.

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