Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Update Facebook Status with Fake Name and Picture

If you want to make your Facebook Friend Jealous and want to become clever to your friend or you want to prove your friend wrong about any discussion by showing him some authentic proves. For Example: Say your friend that "You are online till late at night", and he replied you, "oh no! You are telling lie I'm not online on Facebook till late at night. You are saying wrong"...Now that's the time to prove your Friend wrong. After reading this super trick you can able to show your friend his status, with his fake name and Picture and prove him Wrong so, In this article trickzzi brings you "How to Update Fake Facebook Status with Fake name and Picture". It is too cool and amazing tricks to make fun with your friends. You can also enjoy some other fake features too. List of these fake features are given below..
  • Update Status with other name and his Profile Picture
  • Customized Time and Date.[means that "how before this post was update or post](Change post time)
  • You can also Like this post by using other Fake name and ID i.e Mark Zuckerberg likes this!
  • Comment on this post by using other Fake name and Profile picture.
  • You can add many comments with other names and create a discussion with fake IDs
  • You can add Fake Recent activity, Relationship Status and Events Status.etc

Steps for How to create Fake Facebook status

Step 1: Go to The Wall Machine and Connect your Facebook account with it.
Step 2: Allow "Wall Machine" to access your Facebook Information.Skip to post on Facebook.
Step 3: After this a new screen will open towards to you.
Step 4: Now click on empty "Profile Picture" box.

Step 5: Select your Friend Profile Picture from friend List, Crop it and Save it.

Step 6: Click on "Name" and add your own friend name.Like this....

 Step 7: You can also add the someone other Name like. Bill Gate or Mark Zuckerberg

Step 8: Now add your status, Customized other setting like.Time,Who likes this,Examples are given below,

Step 9: You can also add other people's CommentsTheir Profile PicturesTimeLikes.etc

Step 10: After all of these Customization Press "Save" Button

 Step 11: Enter the "Name" your Wall Machine and Select Three "Tags"

 Step 12: Go to Given link See the result.You Fake Facebook status is ready to use...

Step 13: Now that's the point here take a Screen shoot of your Screen by using "Print Screen" button 

Step 14: Paste it into Paint..After this remove their logo and save this Picture in your Computer.Upload this Capture on Facebook to Prove your friend wrong and enjoy...

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